Presentatie Hybrid Intelligence

Ontwerp van de digitale presentatie Hybrid Intelligence: Augmenting human Intelligence



TU Delft, VU, University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen,

Universiteit Leiden, Utrecht University 



A collaboration of top AI researchers from across the Netherlands in areas such as machine learning, knowledge representation, natural language understanding & generation and multi-agent systems, collaboration, cognitive psychology, multimodal interaction, social robotics, AI & law and ethics of technology. 

The HI centre will create a national and international focus point for research on all aspects of Hybrid Intelligent systems. By creating intelligent machines that interact with humans, we aim to give people new, intelligent artificial collaborators for joint reasoning in order to optimize decision making and problem solving. This interaction has the potential to amplify both human and machine intelligence by combining their complementary strengths. Hybrid Intelligence (HI) focuses on the assistive and collaborative role of Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing its potential to enhance human intelligence instead of replacing it. 


Studio Rob Overmeer

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